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What sets us apart from almost every other plastering company is our desire to be the best, we’re becoming renowned for our traditional, historic, ornamental and specialty plastering skills.

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Ornamental plastering

Mitering an intricate decorative oblong dome.

With the same Espirit de Corps he first experienced as a young United States Marine, Randy Clark works alongside his team of seasoned veterans at Olde World Walls & Ceilings.

We’re different!

A few of the things that distinguishes us from the other companies is the meticulous planning and preparation we undertake before our crew arrives at the jobsite; everything that they will need has been seen to and they know exactly what is required to deliver the best finished plastering job to the owner.   We believe it is this attention to detail before, during and afterwards that sets us apart.  We care.

vintage plasterers

Our plasterers have decades of experience in all phases of plastering;  each possessing skills and secrets passed from generation to generation and we have become family after working together for many of those decades.


Coquina Shell Exterior

Coquina Shell Exterior

We’re proud of the level of professionalism and the quality of craftsmanship we bring to each project, we will no take shortcuts or cut corners.  Our promise is that you will get nothing but our very best, every time!

We are grateful to have these men with us as they are some of the most respected, talented plasterers still working  today and we’re very pleased to be passing that knowledge to our next generation.  OoRAH!

Cody & Randy Clark

Olde World has built its reputation, as a premier plastering company, one project at time and on our belief that each project is the most important one we’ve ever done!  It is upsetting to see the shoddy workmanship of others; cracks, “termite tracks” or a layer of plaster so thin you can see the cmu block underneath, we can’t believe that people are accepting this type of finished product.  We strive for perfection!  Our favorite projects are those that we find hard to leave after all of our work is done.  The ones that we feel we couldn’t have done any better; yes, we really that proud of our workmanship.  We won’t disappoint, you deserve better.

randy, wesley, larry & bruce

Working inside an ellipse dome ceiling.
The dome is 40′ x 20′ x 5′

It is spectacular!

It is spectacular!

The dome illuminated.

Plaster has been around for thousands of years and is always evolving, so are we!

We strongly believe our continuing education is also what differentiates us from the others.  In doing research for our historic projects; we learn not only about the building but also the community it originally served.  One of our favorite projects was for the good people of Thomasville, Georgia.  What a beautiful town.

Thomas County, Georgia. Courthouse 1894

We take great pride in being invited to work on historic projects, it’s an honor, and to all those working so tirelessly to save these wonderful old buildings, thank you.

Another component to our success is that we are inquisitive; we enjoy experimenting with the newest products, trends and techniques that are constantly emerging from the various manufacturers of plaster around the world.

Venetian Plaster in sunny yellow for Mrs. Fowler's dream home.

Venetian Plaster done in a cheerful sunny yellow for Mrs. Fowler’s dream home.

The possibilities that come from using plaster on your project are limitless.

To our clients, we cannot thank you enough for the trust you have placed in us.

Olde World Walls & Ceilings participates in the E-Verify program of DHS.

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Plastering Skills

“A man who works with his hands is a Laborer. A man who works with his hands and his head is a Craftsman. A man who works with his hands, his head, and his heart is an Artist.”

from Plastering Skills, by Van Den Branden/Hartsell.

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Our Work

Designer’s Challenge

Our work has appeared on HGTV’s show Designer’s Challenge, numerous magazines and local television in areas where we’ve been invited to work.

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Our reach

Have trowel; will travel throughout the United States and Caribbean.

We’ve been invited to work in some amazing places; in almost every state of the country to Lyford Cay in the Bahamas on some wonderful and challenging projects.

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