Casa Feliz

On Sunday, March 15 we went to the 10th Anniversary of the opening of the Casa Feliz Museum in Winter Park, Florida. 128692_l This house is important and historic for a number of reasons chief among them is that this magnificent home was designed for the Barbour...
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If you find yourself in a tight spot…keep plastering!

Yes, sometimes we do find ourselves in some pretty interesting places. For this project we were asked to fix the cove areas of a ceiling and to replace a length of plaster mold that had been damaged due to water's almost always water penetration. IMG_1419a We cut out a...
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The Plasterer has left the building

sonny-boutonClinton "Sonny" Bouton, 86 of Orlando passed away on February 6th, 2015. Sonny was a master plasterer in every sense; he truly loved working with plaster. He was a mentor to and responsible for many fine plasterers by sharing not only his knowledge but also his passion. Read more

The Government House Museum

The Government House Museum in Saint Augustine, Florida.
2012-08-24 00.50.26
We first visited the site over two years ago and to say we are honored and excited to work on this building, in this city would...
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Plaster Ceilings

We love them!


 Some plasterers don't enjoy ceiling work as much as wall work...that's isn't easy working overhead all day; your neck hurts, your shoulders ache and you might even wish you'd become a tile man instead but...

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