Over in the United Kingdom there are several Pubs named for the tradesmen that would frequent them; and there’s a whole lot of them called “Plasterers Arms”.

Plasterers Arms Pub in Norwich, opened its doors to trade in 1822.  Located about 90 miles northeast of London, it’s still in operation today and is a very popular pub and favorite watering hole to our good friend & plasterer, Ray Houten

Plasterers Arms - Norwich

Plasterers Arms – Norwich





Plasters Arms – Winchcombe

In Winchcombe, England approximately 90 miles northwest of London is the Plaisterers Arms.  We found in an 1871 census that The Plaisterers Arms was run by John Hall as both a pub and inn; it still operates as that today.  “William Hall came from several generations of slaters and plasterers in the Winchcombe and Charlton Abbots area of north Gloucestershire, and he and his older brother Samuel, no doubt learnt their trade from their father, John Wright Hall.  It is interesting to note that the Plaisterers Arms had originally been the Hall’s family home”. (This excerpt was taken from a post by Dave Ogden 2001).

Plasterers Arms - Winchcombe

Plasterers Arms – Winchcombe


Plasterers Arms – Hoylake

In Hoylake, England approximately 190 miles northwest of London is another 200 year old Plasterers Arms pub.

Plasterers Arms - Hoylake

Plasterers Arms – Hoylake



We found this on  Could this be the Hoylake Plasterers Arms in earlier times, we think so.

1871 in Grove Road, Hoose
John Youds, widower, 29, plasterer & beer house keeper, b Irby
Ester Youds, sister, unmarried, 18, housekeeper, b Irby
Martha Youds, sister, 14, servant (domestic), b Irby
Samuel Youds, brother, 12, scholar, b Irby
William, son, 6, scholar, b Arrow
Harold, 2, b Hoose


John Youds family outside the Plasterers Arms.

John Youds family outside the Plasterers Arms.


Plasterers Arms – Reading

The Plasterers Arms in Reading was closed in the 1990’s and has been demolished.  During the 1960”s the owners were the parents of Melvyn Bragg, now Lord Bragg, a well known British televisions presenter and author.  He spent time there and on occasions helped behind the bar.


Plasterers Arms - Reading

Plasterers Arms – Reading

Lord Melvyn Bragg

Lord Melvyn Bragg


Plasterers Arms – Oxford


Plasters Arms – Oxford

Was demolished in 2005.

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In Warwick, there had been a Plasterers Arms we found in a 1851 census, it was in operation for 100 years and is now thought to be one of the current houses on Avon Street.

Plasterers Arms - Warwick

Plasterers Arms – Warwick

Another Plasterers Arms in Preston is also gone.   Sorry we couldn’t identify a picture of the this particular Plasterers arms but we found this interesting Blog regarding it with newspaper articles dating from 1854. 

And Thanks to Gary Buck for supplying this photo to Home of the Professional Plasterers; Gary is  a Plasterer from Leeds; he remembers this pub The Plasterers Arms located behind Leeds Schools of Building in Skinners Lane Leeds during the 1980’s.

Plasterers Arms - Leeds

Plasterers Arms – Leeds

We found this photograph of yet another Plasterers Arms, location unknown, we hope someone will be able to identify for us.




We love that these pubs were named for Plasterers.  It is distinctly British and so we would like to say Cheers to our fellow tradesmen!


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