Florida Trust for Historic Preservation 2017

On May 19th, we had the extraordinary honor of having two of our projects receive awards from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.  We want to first and foremost thank our men for all of their hard work!


The Government House Museum located in Saint Augustine, Florida.                                                                                                              “In 2011, the University of Florida Historic St. Augustine Inc. started a multi-phased rehabilitation of Government House, a 1935 U.S. Post Office and Customs House with a long history tracing its roots to 1598 as the site of headquarters for the Spanish Governor of Florida.  With partial funding from the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, State of Florida, the project was completed over five years at a cost approaching six million dollars.”

“The project preserved the building, restored many historical elements, became code compliant, and modernized its infrastructure while creating flexible spaces for academic and public education uses.  the building was repaired and preserved to a state  befitting its location in the National Historic Landmark St. Augustine Town Plan Historic District, with all completed while the building remained open and occupied.  The building is visited by 250/day plus millions more who walk past its prominent location”.   – Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Press Release May 2017



Linda Dixon, unknown gentleman, Billy Triay & Coley Pitt receiving award for the Government House Museum!



The George Adderley House built in 1903 and located at Crane Point Museum in Marathon, Florida Keys:                        The George Adderley house is a rare example of early 20th century masonry vernacular architecture in the Florida Keys outside of Key West.  The building’s tabby-like walls and hip roof are more the typical of the architecture of the Bahamas, George Adderley’s birthplace and childhood home.  The house is significant for its Bahamian characteristics, which are unusual in the middle keys, and as an example of how black Bahamian immigrants adapted to Key Vaca’s isolated environment”.

“In 1992, the Florida Keys Land and Sea Trust began a restoration of the George Adderley house at the Crane Pint Hammock, often called Adderley Town.  His house is the only remaining Adderley Town structure.  Previous repairs dating to the 1950’s and 1060’s were removed, which took the exterior walls down to their original state.  These were then built back , taking care to protect original fabric, including preservation of the intact conch shells.  The lime plaster finishes were installed to match the photographic evidence of similar Bahamian tabby structures, as well as on site physical evidence.  The end result is an accurate restoration of this valuable, rare, vernacular tabby structure”.  – Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Press Release May 2017


Charlotte Quinn, Cody & Randy Clark, Viviana Dominguez, unknown gentleman, Bert Bender











This year the awards ceremony for the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation was held at The Cathedral Church of Saint Petersburg.










The reception following the awards ceremony was held at The Coliseum in Saint Petersburg.


Ginger, Charlotte, Marie, Coley, Mark, Linda, Randy & Cody. What a night!


Florida Preservation Conference 2017 – It’s A Wrap
Faces of the 2017 Preservation Awards
2017 Carl Wienhardt Recipient
2017 Master Craftsman
2017 Individual Leader Recipient
In the Awards Ceremony at the 2017 Florida Preservation Conference, the Florida Trust announced its 2017 Preservation Awards recipients. The Florida Preservation Awards program showcases projects, groups and individuals that further the preservation of the architectural, archaeological and cultural resources of the Sunshine State. Learn more about the Florida Trust Annual Preservation Awards program or read about each of our 2017 winners online. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you for all you do to protect Florida’s extraordinary history and heritage!

To read the news letter in its entirety 


2017 Awards list:

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