At Olde World Walls & Ceilings, we specialize in traditional interior plastering.

Our plasterers are well known for the time honored application of gypsum, lime & gauging plastering on our historic projects.


We can apply this wonderful plastering system over masonry, wire lath, wood lath or gypsum rock lath.


While not common in new construction these days, we use it on many older restoration and renovation projects.


Under the heading of traditional plastering you will find the sub-categories of plaster repair, restoration, and renovation and exterior cement plaster; we also have some fantastic exterior finishes such as coquina shell or other natural materials. We also have some amazing techniques for adding depth to the walls that can’t be achieved with regular stucco.


Also under the heading of traditional plastering we include veneer plastering. We are seeing a resurgence of this wonderful plastering system as owners want a finer finish system on their project than plain old drywall. We prefer to use a three coat application for our veneer as we believe it gives our walls more tensile strength and a better look.

We have the ability to color our veneer plaster giving the walls a warm natural ambiance.

Colored veneer plaster in an old Florida cracker home.

We can also mimic some high end plaster looks with our veneer plastering techniques, giving our clients fabulous walls and ceilings at a great value.